Damir makes anime tattoos, preferring unconventional colours and black-and-white graphic art.

Born in Perm, and having seen Russia, Damir decided that St. Petersburg would be the perfect place for him. He adores the city – the people here are more open-minded to experiments, and the tattoo industry is truly thriving. Damir wants to develop, use more of his own art work, make experiments and create styles. He’s been into tattooing for 3,5 years now and he’s already realized in which way he really loves working. He is an open person and loves people, different with their own dreams and plans, aspirations and internal blocks. Damir always tries to reveal a personality, he does what exactly will suit a person. He also always likes to guide and push people to their dreams. When you come to Damir, you will come not only for a tattoo, but also for a heart-to-heart conversation about the depths of human consciousness.


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Text messages to the studio or phone calls: +7 (911) 922-91-19+7 (911) 920-24-74


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