Price from ₽3,000
Correction after the first seeion in the studio  from ₽1,000
Correction of the tattoo that was not made in the studio  from ₽4,000

Other services

Suprasorb healing wrap (10 sm)  ₽300
Gift sertificate  from ₽3,000

How do we price a tattoo?

  • Size of the tattoo. The size of the tattoo has a big impact on the cost. (The minimum price of a tattoo is 2000 rubles.)
  • Complexity. Size isn’t everything. You can make a black square 10*10 cm, or you can use the same space to
    fit a picture with a huge amount of small elements. These two works will cost differently.
    Also, the complexity of the tattoo depends on the place of the body.

We take into account all these criteria, and find the optimal cost that corresponds to the work.
By writing or calling us, you can find out the approximate cost of a tattoo, and you can always find out the exact cost by coming to a consultation and talking with the master.




The cost of the jewellery is not included

Jewelerry removal/fitiing/changeover/cleaning, Installing of a NoPull   ₽500
Ear lobe and easy cartilage piercings/Nostril/Smiley/Frenulum/Eyebrow/Lips/Tongue ₽1,500
Hard cartilage piercings: daith, tragus etc. /Septum/ Navel ₽1,800
Industrial ₽2,000
Nipple ₽2,500
Snake bites ₽2,700
Genital piercing ₽4,500

Прочее Other

Brain Healer ₽700.
ASTM F-136 titanium accessoire  from ₽1000


Installing ₽3,000
Removal ₽1,000
Cleaning ₽500

Body modification

Lobes reconstruction (one ear)  from ₽4,000
Deleting old channels  from ₽5,000
Split  ₽10,000
Scarring  from ₽4,500

The installation of transdermals, implants and other complex work is discussed individually.

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