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Founder and mastermind of ROY TATTOO studio. Maksim pays special attention to creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere,

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Damir makes anime tattoos, preferring unconventional colours and black-and-white graphic art.

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Victor came from Perm. He works in Blackwork, Lettering, Neotrad, Organic styles.

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Recently joined the crew, the artist of graphics came from Smolensk. Sasha is interested in graphic design –

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Vlad is from Krasnodar region, and he’s been tattooing for 6 years.

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Born in Severodvinsk. As he hasn’t got a degree in arts, Dima devotes a lot of his time to self-education.

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He’s been tattooing for 12 years now. Filipp used to live and work in Sweden for a long time. To get an appointment for a free consultation and sessions: Text messages to the studio or phone calls: +7 (911) 922-91-19 ; +7 (911) 920-24-74

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