ROY TATTOO 24-hour open* tattoo studio
in St. Petersburg

*After 11 pm we work only with pre-registration.
We are the professionals in our field. We work in all styles. We offer you pigments from leading producers, sterility, modern equipment, individual approach and reasonable prices!
Excellent reputation
More than 10,000
happy clients
More than 14 years
of working experience

Why should you come to us?

Creating a tattoo sketch taking your wishes into account
Tools and materials of high quality
We follow all the health standards
We have ready-to-use sketches for good prices



Tattoo from ₽3,000
The price depends on a sketch and a part of the body.
Tattoo removal from ₽1,000
With the help of a neodymium laser we remove tattoos without any scars.
Piercing from ₽2,100
A titan jewellery is included.


1. Consultations
We help clients decide about the idea of a sketch, and we discuss prices and the number of sessions.
2. Creating a sketch
Taking your wishes into account, we create a sketch for you.
3. Session
We try a tattoo sketch on and transfer it onto your skin, get a special clean place ready for work and start.
4. Healing
We give recommendations on healing your skin afterwards.
5. Corrections
Most of the times, a tattoo has to be adjusted after the first session.

About the studio

Hi, we are the ROY TATTOO team, and before you continue surfing our super cool website, let’s meet each other.

For 14 years, holding tattoo machines, piercing needles, lasers and sketchbooks in our hands, we’ve been making people happier, prettier and more confident.
We can list a lot of things that we are masters of in tattooing and piercing, but, let’s just say, we definitely can do anything!

If we ever look for a place to meet all the people that have come to ROY TATTOO during all these years, we will start the party meeting with our clients by saying “Hello, Olimpiysky!”

And yes, we are proud of it. So are we of the quality of our work, sterility in our studios, modern instruments and approaches to the job we do. Also, we’re proud of our team. We’ll talk about it apart.
2020 has become an important year for us, as we have opened a brand new ROY TATTOO studio in Fall.

This is a huge 2-storey open space in the heart of St. Petersburg. We have a lot of plans for it. Master classes of the world’s leading pros, the center of attraction for the professional community, a cool place (where you definitely want to stay), an art gallery for all types of modern art, our home and the main residence of a huge number of ROY TATTOO fans from all over the world.

Book a consultation (it is free), visit us and take a look yourself at the new history of tattoos that we are now creating- it’s your favorite studio, your ROY TATTOO.



Unique style

view works

With love to people

view works

Ray of sunshine

view works

The owner of the studio

view works

“The art is forever – life is not”

view works

Piercer/tattoo artist with paws

view works


view works

“I’m a machine”

view works


Hell yeah! I have finally got the tattoo of my dreams! Great thank you to ROY TATTOO, you are real gods! It took only 90 MINUTES to get that nice little goat on my leg! It's not my first tattoo, but ROY TATTOO offers you just an amazing price/quality/time ratio! Well done you - apart from the complete sterility and other things required for tattoo studios, you maintain such a cozy atmosphere, get everyone tea and coffee, everything is at the highest level! I'll come back dozens of times! Good luck!
Alena Tchaikina
I've been getting a tattoo in ETAZHI. I sent a sketch of my tattoo in advance, prepaid and just waited for the day X!;)
Kolyan Vishnyakov
Well, a month ago or so, I was puzzled where to cover my tattoo in St. Petersburg, I'd like something like realism, and in the marine theme, I was reading, looking, even tired enough, I even thought about giving up on it, and leave it as it was. But! I found the website of Roy Tattoo and Dima and realized that was the thing and I needed it. I read the reviews, it was not bad, everyone was so happy, like to death. Okay. I booked a consultation and went there. (by the way, Dima is extremely popular, so get an appointment in advance). On arrival at 11:00, and having a vague idea of what I wanted, Dima and I decided everything within an hour, and then an hour later Dmitry made a sketch, we drank tea and coffee and at 1 p.m. we started doing it, mostly it was Dima who started doing it, I was just laying, I wasn't doing anything) we were chatting and joking, the atmosphere in the studio is really cool and friendly, we had 5-minute breaks every hour.


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